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6/25 BWYA Board Games

Come hang out and play some board games! 6/25 Saturday, 1-~3p...
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WYA Hike + Picnic

Let’s go hike and then enjoy a picnic together! 5/29 Sunday, 10a-~1p @ Sanborn County Park...
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5/22 BWYA Board Games

Come hang out and play some board games! 5/22 Sunday, 1:30-~3:30p...
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TAP-SF x BWYA hike

5/1 TAP-SF x BWYA hike: Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve...
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FIRE, Rethinking Retirement

Kelly Guysir is on FIRE (financial independence, retire early) For Kelly, retiring early means at 35 years old. Want to learn how?...
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English Lamrim Class

Sometimes we wish for a place of peace far away from the emotional turbulence of worries, frustrations and depression where there is a clear path. Please join us weekly for a course on the wisdom of Buddha that opens up...
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  • dance workshop

Classical Dance Workshop

Bliss & Wisdom is happy to offer you a classical Chinese dance workshop....
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How to Build Personal Brand

如何建立個人品牌 If your friends were to describe you in three words, what would they be? What is personal branding? How does it influence your professional career?...
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  • Redwood Life Adventure

Redwood Life Adventures

Discover the ancient redwood forest. Experience the magnificence of mother nature. Enjoy outdoor activities. Develop long-lasting friendships. Network with other young adult leaders. Discuss local and global issues. Hear how entrepreneurs faced and overcame their challenges. Learn practical methods to...
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