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  • dance workshop

Classical Dance Workshop

Bliss & Wisdom is happy to offer you a classical Chinese dance workshop....
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How to Build Personal Brand

如何建立個人品牌 If your friends were to describe you in three words, what would they be? What is personal branding? How does it influence your professional career?...
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  • Redwood Life Adventure

Redwood Life Adventures

Discover the ancient redwood forest. Experience the magnificence of mother nature. Enjoy outdoor activities. Develop long-lasting friendships. Network with other young adult leaders. Discuss local and global issues. Hear how entrepreneurs faced and overcame their challenges. Learn practical methods to...
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北加福青 Park Hangout

Festivities will include fun and games such as frisbee at Pioneer Memorial Park in Mountain View at Sunday August 9 at 11am and a lunch at downtown Mountain View....
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