The 25th of October in the Tibetan calendar is the birthday and Nirvana day of The Lama Tsong-Kha-Pa. At this time of year, BWLA & BWNC will commemorate the merits and grace of Lama Tsong-Kha-Pa.

The highlight of the event is to offer lamps and pray for the early arrival of the three masters. And the light of the righteous Dharma can be spread throughout the Dharma Realm and benefit all sentient beings.

The long letter titled Essence of True Eloquence presented by Vernerabl Xin-Shin will also be displayed. This treaty was created by Lama Je Tsong-Kha-Pa.

Je Rinpoche wrote: “Due to the acceptance of Manjusri, I understood and saw the profound emptiness, so I wrote Essence of True Eloquence. ”

Praise for, faith in, respect for, and promotion of the classics are all offerings to the Dharma. Hoping that through respect and offerings to the long letter, we will spread the right aspirations and start to listen and think about the teachings on emptiness and plant the seeds of positive causes.

Six hundred years ago, Lama Tsong-Kha-Pa created Lamrim. Six hundred years later, the Master taught us Lamrim. Based on the foundation established by Master, Teacher Zhenyu led us to learn Samatha and Vipassana. This is a very great blessing for us, and it is also the supreme blessing of the Three Jewels!
On such a special day, let us remember the deep kindness of the Master and Teacher.

Date/Time: 12/09/2023, Saturday, 10:00AM – 12:00PM PST
Contents: Grand Offering, Tibetan Chanting, Dharma Talk
Location: SJ Center. (Students from out-of-state or under special circumstances please consult class leader for a Zoom ID)
Registration: 報名
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Deadline for registration and offering dedication: 12/5 (Tuesday) before midnight