Songs of Praises Venture

Songs of Praises

a type of music that profoundly purifies the mind

Songs of Praises is a type of music that profoundly purifies the mind. The founder of the Bliss and Wisdom Cultural Education foundation, the late Venerable Master Jih-Chang, was deeply aware of the transcendent power of music. Thus he very much encouraged his students to learn the songs of praises. As Confucius said, “It is by the Odes that the mind is aroused. It is by the Rules of Propriety that the character is established. It is from Music that the finish is received.” What is aroused by the Odes?” “If a man is not benevolent, of what use are the rites? If a man is not benevolent, of what use is music?” Benevolence is aroused by the Odes, applied in the Rules of Propriety, and revealed in every deed on all occasions. This process begins from one’s every arising thought. Finally, this benevolence is accomplished through music.

Therefore, “music” is said to be the ultimate representation of a purified mind. This is also the reason that the words “Songs of Praises” were chosen for the “Bliss and Wisdom Songs of Praises” instead of just songs. Under the guidance of the late Venerable Master Jih-Chang and after many years of hard work by a group of people who love music, this has allowed the practice of the Bliss and Wisdom Songs of Praises to go from small group practices to formally establishing the choir, the symphony orchestra and the Chinese orchestra. They have gone from sharing their performances privately to gradually performing in the music halls. They have also recorded, published and distributed CD’s, DVD’s, sheet music and other related teaching jewels to gratify those with similar quests.