Bliss and Wisdom Young Adults

Bliss and Wisdom Young Adults

Support the Community and Learn Together

洛杉磯 福智青年Los Angeles

Los Angeles

In BWYA, We believe happiness comes from caring and serving others with a cultivated and altruistic mind. In action, we are driven to create a healthy and environmentally friendly body and community. And to spread gratitude to where we could be. Come and join us in Los Angeles!

North California

We are a group of young adults striving for personal and professional excellent. For us, success is defined by the health and happiness of our bodies and minds. To that end, monthly events include promoting healthier eating habits, serving our community, and spreading appreciation. Join us in N. Cal!

紐約福智青年New York

New York

BWYA gather weekly to learn mindset development including emotion management, relationships and to serve others, we coordinate concepts to different projects, and use it to cultivate collaboration and management capability. We learn social responsibility by learning with gratitude toward others. Join us in New York!