The Tse-Xin  Foundation was established in 1997 as an effort to further the ideals of the founder of the Bliss and Wisdom Foundation – the  late Venerable Master Ri-Chang. The foundation is dedicated to promoting organic agriculture and improving safety in food processing. It embraces “promoting physical health, creating wholesome lifestyles; restoring nature’s vitality,  benefiting future generations; spreading compassionate ventures, and building honest societies” as its purpose.

Culture & Education


Since the establishment of the Bliss and Wisdom Cultural and Educational Foundation in 1997, it has devoted itself to varied public service endeavors. The foundation uses education as a way to care for every person, to help every person foster correct values and apply these values in life. The foundation looks forward to cultivating happy teachers, guarding a blissful younger generations, and preserving wise adults, so that each person can attain bliss and happiness, and engage in interpersonal interactions that are compassionate and harmonious.

Songs of Praises


Songs of Praises is a type of music that profoundly purifies the mind.  “Music” is said to be the ultimate representation of a purified mind.  This is also the reason that the words “Songs of Praises” were chosen for the “Bliss and Wisdom Songs of Praises” instead of just songs.   It is our wish that “Bliss and Wisdom Songs of Praises” will guide everyone into a hall of purifying music, to experience a soulful refinement and transcendence.



It is within human nature to seek freedom from suffering and abundance of happiness. As part of the late Venerable Master’s wish to help  all people recognize the roots of suffering as well as the sources of happiness, he established the Foundation and created discussion classes centered around The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, helping people establish right views by using The Great Treatise as the central pillar for learning and cultivation. The teachings one receives from The Great Treatise can then be applied in practice by engaging in the Cultural and Educational Venture as well as the Tse-Xin  Venture.

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